A new book

No Modernism Without Lesbians is the definite title of my next book. 2 April 2020 is the publication date, Head of Zeus the publisher. The jacket has been approved and passed and I must learn to love it as much as others say they do. There was lots of interest in the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair, so Georgina, my agent, says. Photographs are being researched – there is an allocation of 40 – and the manuscript is with the copy editor who I hope will not have a comma fetish. I share Gertrude Stein’s disdain for commas question marks and exclamation marks. I suppose house style will put me in my place. [ Read more on the News page ]


Decisions to be made about this. My agent thinks it could be a book. If I got a commission that would be some money up front to write it in a concentrated way. So I’ll put in a proposal. If no publisher wants it I’ll go back to the website idea of postings as and when. [ Read more ]

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