Countdown to Publication #1

11.55 a.m. Sent manuscript as Word email attachment to agent and editor. About a year overdue. ( ‘My agent’, ‘my editor’, ‘my publisher’ smacks of entitlement: my solicitor, valet, gardener, cleaner, cook and wife. All mine.) Kept message brief: ‘I hope this converts OK to a Word attachment. I use Pages’. Held back on explanation or apology. Don’t show weakness or vulnerability.

12.03. Agent e’d receipt : ‘Wonderful!’

12.17. Editor e’d receipt: ‘Wonderful’. I pondered absence of exclamation mark. Did that mean it wasn’t a wonderful thing to receive. Possibly. Did it mean it was unwanted. That was an extrapolation too far.

12.30. Opened Sent attachment. Just to check what I’d pinged into the ether. Oh dear. Not what I thought I’d sent. A hotch potch of typefaces, line breaks and hyphenation, sprawling headings, blank pages. A mess of a manuscript. Technology can be vicious.

12.33.Redelivered attachment with equally laconic unapologetic email: ‘I notice formatting doesn’t kick in with the shift from a Pages to a Word document. I’m sending you the Pages version hoping you can read from that.’ Not a cool start, I thought. Not cool at all. I’d be better off with a typewriter or a pencil, I’m not of this age.

12.39. Agent emailed ‘OK!’

Nothing from publisher