Countdown to Publication #3

9.57 a.m Another e from agent. ‘Soooo LOVE the book. Wish I had been there. What a time! What cool girls. Can’t wait to discuss at lunch. Another wonderful book. With love and admiration.’

Two hours of elation.

Wanted to boast but boasting never goes down well. Not many people love you enough to want to hear puffery stuff. I boasted a bit. Not unduly, but a bit. I WhatsApped the writers with whom day after day for what feels like forever I have sat in the book stacks of the London Library in St James’s Square. It’s a wonderful library. For us all it’s better than working from home – home is a place for distraction and procrastination – deadheading the geraniums and grooming the cat. We are a supportive group. Not friends exactly but rather like a team. Anyway I sent a WhatsApp text:

11.15 a.m. ‘And now I’ve had such a wonderful email from G. that I dare almost to feel for a moment pleased. Hope I can buy you all a drink.’