Countdown to Publication #7

I’m to meet the editor before I leave for Lesbos. She has read the book again and has lots of ideas to discuss ‘organisational, presentation things…. making sure we keep track of all the wonderful people who come in and out of the book, and making sure it’s cohesive in narrative and theme….We should talk about the title too. The central message of it is right, but it might not convey just what an enjoyable read the book is… I don’t anticipate much editing as the writing is so clear, as well as funny and beautiful.’

I so welcome this attention and nurture – this discernment, thoughtfulness, encouragement and care. It sort of makes me glow inside. It almost – almost – makes me feel I might have done something well. I’d half like to leave the book here – the illusion of a pearl in an oyster shell, without prising it out, without the razzmatazz of publication – too many books, the spotlight glare, being found wanting, being found out…. Hey ho and O well. Writing is what I do and without that who am I.